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rjbWalzak Risk Management and Corporate Education - Meet The Team

    Rebecca B. Walzak - Risk Management Expert

Rebecca B Walzak Portrait rjbWalzak Consulting, Inc. was founded and is led by Rebecca Walzak, CQM, a leader in innovative operational risk management programs in all areas of the consumer lending industry. In addition to consulting experience in mortgage banking, student lending and other types of consumer lending, she has hands on practical experience in these organizations as well having held numerous positions from top to bottom of the consumer lending industry over the past 25 years.

Becky has an outstanding track record of developing, implementing and rejuvenating all phases of risk management. As one of the first employees at Prudential Home Mortgage, she developed the national closing program, the risk management and reporting program for third party correspondents and restructured their regulatory compliance and quality control programs. Moving to national bank-owned mortgage operations provided the opportunity to implement innovative programs in quality control and provide leadership in developing risk management programs. Having been a consultant in the industry for over five years has provided the opportunity to work with technology implementation, asset management, and commercial lending.

    David Walzak - Workplace Performance and Corporate Education Specialist

David Walzak Portrait David Walzak has worked in corporate education for many years. A dynamic and engaging educator, David can bring your team up-to-speed effectively.
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