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Workplace Solutions - Strategic Planning and Risk Management for Brokers

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Starting a business is risky, yet numerous individuals have taken that step and organized their own loan brokerage companies. Many of these entrepreneurs have been successful beyond their greatest expectations. Now they want to move up to the next level and become fully integrated mortgage bankers with funding lines and secondary market relationships. Yet they may find themselves falling down to the bottom rung if all the right business practices are not put in place.

Most of these lenders easily connect with warehouse lenders, or find various correspondent lenders willing to buy product. Yet new mortgage bankers must recognize that these relationships all rely on the underlying management and controls of the organization. Unfortunately most of the time this is the last area that receives any focus. Why? This is mainly because the individuals who operate these companies are familiar with secondary marketing and feel comfortable in tackling these issues. Because they haven?t had experience with back room delivery operations and risk management processes, such as quality control, they are hesitant to dive right in.

Now you don?t have to! rjbWalzak Consulting has over twenty years experience in this area and numerous relationships in the industry to provide support and advise to you as you grow. Because we can provide direction, information and assist you in setting up these operations, as well as ensure you have informative, actionable results, your focus can continue to be on production and growth.
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